What Others Have To Say

Erickson Landscaping, Inc.

“Jim Huston has made a major difference in the success of Erickson Landscaping over many years. He has helped us implement values, principles, and systems that have contributed to that success. I look forward to spending time with Jim each year as he visits our company and reviews financials, budgets, and strategies for the up coming year. I not only respect Jim for what he has done for our company but consider him to be a very good friend.”
Ron Tatton, President

Middletown Sprinkler, Inc.

“Jim Huston's new book expands on what was already the most comprehensive book available on landscape and irrigation estimating. Jim's in-depth knowledge of the landscape and irrigation business from the ground to the corporate board room make his new book a must have reference for every landscape and irrigation contractor.” Bob Dobson, President

Webinars, Workshops and Hands-on Training

We provide superior educational events and hands-on trainings for those in the Green Industry. Whether you are a landscape contractor or association, a Green Industry manufacturer or vendor, the seminars and webinars offered will improve your bottom line.